Rob Ashman: Heads Or Tails

This review is written with thanks to Rob and Karen Ashman for my copy of Heads Or Tails? 


Valerie Riggs lets the coin rule her life. Every decision is based upon a game of chance, even the decision to kill. She trusts the coin to keep her safe … it’s never let her down.

DS Khenan Malice is called to attend a clear case of suicide. But all is not what it seems. Then his world is turned upside down by a casual remark. The worst thing is … the remark comes from his seven-year-old daughter.

DC Kelly Pietersen is close to breaking point. The ghosts of recent events won’t leave her alone. She’s about to snap and someone is going to get hurt.

Valerie is always one step ahead … the coin knows best.


I’ve enjoyed every book in this series so far but I think this is the best one yet! The detectives, Khenan Malice and Kelly Pietersen do have their flaws, but nevertheless I warmed to them very easily and I am enjoying learning more about them as the series continues. I love their relationship and the way they work together and admire their determination to find the answers.

Heads Or Tails? is not really about whodunnit, but it focuses more on finding the perpetrator. This made this novel a little different and I really enjoyed this unique approach. There are several chapters narrated by our killer, and this shows us just how twisted they are.

The plot of Heads Or Tails? is complex and intricately planned. Although the identity of the killer is never an issue, Ashman still manages to give the reader lots of twists to get their teeth into and I was kept guessing until the end. As with all of Ashman’s books, it’s not for the weak of stomach, but I loved the gory details that placed me right at the scene of these horrific crimes.

The novel ends on a cliffhanger, so I can’t wait to see what will come next for these brilliant characters.

Heads Or Tails? is available from Amazon.

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