Cate Quinn: Black Widows


Today I’m pleased to be taking part in the blog tour for Black Widows. I’m sharing an guest post with thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me on the tour and Cate Quinn for writing her guest post.


The only thing the three women had in common was their husband.

And, as of this morning, that they’re each accused of his murder.

Blake Nelson moved into a hidden stretch of land – a raw paradise in the wilds of Utah – where he lived with his three wives:

Rachel, the chief wife, obedient and doting to a fault.

Tina, the other wife, who is everything Rachel isn’t.

And Emily, the youngest wife, who knows little else.

When their husband is found dead under the desert sun, the questions pile up.

But none of the widows know who would want to kill a good man like Blake.

Or, at least, that’s what they’ll tell the police…

Guest Post:

Cate Quinn shares ten things about herself:

1. I used to be a travel, food and drinks journalist, which was an incredibly fun job, but I gave it up because writing books is better still.

2. I have a twin sister, Suzy Quinn who also writes books, and happens to be my favourite author. And she edits my books for free!

3. I have done so many random jobs, some glamorous, many not. Besides working as a Tokyo party hostess, a silver- service waitress, and a cocktail mixologist, I’ve also packed washing-up sponges, sorted mail, picked fruit, made surgical appliances and pressed laundry.

4. My soul is missing the nature-loving part, and I would rather walk around a cash and carry than a forest.

5. I once helped compile a book of Sun-readers tributes to Princess Diana, shortly after her death, to be presented to the Royal family for their archives. I sincerely doubt Her Majesty retains her copy but you never know.

6. I am completely nomadic at heart, and spend at least a month a year in another country.

7. I love trying new food to the extent I used to write a blog about my weird eating experiences. Highlights included scorpion and bull testicles (really). Low-lights were an ill-ventured millipede.

8. Me and my immediate family members terrify normal people with the loud no-holds-barred arguments we conduct at any mealtime, including breakfast.

9. I once wrote an article about Icelandic elves, which involved meeting a magician in Reykjavik at midnight.

10. I am preposterously lucky to have a wonderful partner to support me and two absolutely gorgeous children, born two years apart on the same day.


Black Widows is available from Amazon.

You can follow the rest of the blog tour here:

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