Susan Handley: Paid In Blood

Today I’m pleased to be taking part in the blog tour for Paid In Blood. My review is written with thanks to Zoe O’Farrell for inviting me on the tour and to the author for my copy of the book.


A dead celebrity loved by the nation.
A blind detective with something to prove.

When a well-loved celebrity is found murdered at a glitzy art event, DI Matt Fisher is faced with his first big case since being blinded in an acid-attack. Despite most people thinking his return to his old job is an impossible task, Fisher is determined to prove them wrong.

With his guide dog Luna at his side and the assistance of eager yet inexperienced DC Beth Nightingale, Fisher must find a way to see through the lies and expose a ruthless killer.

He’s had his fair share of bad luck in the past but has always managed to bounce back. Can he do it again, or are his days as a detective numbered?


Susan Handley has created an unusual character in DI Matt Fisher as he is a blind detective. He was injured in the line of duty and now he must work hard to prove himself to his overbearing Detective Chief Inspector. I enjoyed this back story and it helped me to root for him as the investigation took hold. Detective Constable Beth Nightingale is often seen as Fisher’s guide in this first book in the series and I would like to see more of her policing prowess as the series continues. Her descriptions for Fisher’s benefit are an interesting way of describing crime scenes and this helped me to become more involved in the action. 

Paid In Blood begins as more of a slow burner but as we get deeper into the investigation, the number of potential suspects rises and this makes reading much more tense. I enjoyed trying to unravel the relationships between the characters and work out what had happened. 

Towards the end of the novel, there are a few surprises which makes the final few chapters very fraught and full of suspense until the perpetrator is revealed. 

Paid In Blood is available from Amazon.

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