Fiona Leitch: A Sprinkle Of Sabotage


A film company is coming to the Cornish village of Penstowan, and the whole community turn up to be cast as extras, even Jodie ‘Nosey’ Parker.

Determined to join in with the fun and ignore any dramas, Jodie intends to make the most of this time with her mum and daughter and hopefully see their names in lights … or really small writing on the credits page.

But right on cue, the company’s caterer is sabotaged and Jodie must step up. It soon becomes clear that someone is out to spoil the filming… With actors behaving out of character and the house literally being brought down, breaking a leg is the least of their worries.

Can Jodie save the day once again, or will it be their final curtain call?

The third book in the Jodie ‘Nosey’ Parker cozy mystery series. Can be read as a standalone. A humorous cozy mystery with a British female sleuth in a small village. Includes one of Jodie’s Tried and Tested Recipes! Written in British English. Mild profanity and peril.


I love this series and I was so pleased to be back with Jodie Parker and her family and friends again. Although A Sprinkle Of Sabotage is not the gory type of crime novel I would normally read, I love the slightly gentler pace and the humour that comes from the sparks between the characters – both romantic and otherwise. As the novel is written in first person, the reader has really clear insight into Jodie’s thoughts and feelings and this makes it easy to root for her in both the investigations and her personal life. 

It’s not just Jodie who shines in A Sprinkle Of Sabotage. Leitch has created a brilliant cast of characters who ultimately become our suspects. There is no doubt that they made me laugh, but through them, Leitch is able to explore several issues and this really made me think more deeply about celebrity culture.

The large cast of characters means that there are several suspects, so I was hugely invested in who had committed the crimes that Jodie and Nathan are investigating. I was completely engaged in this plot from beginning to end and I hope this series goes beyond the initial trilogy. 

At the back of the book, Leitch has shared some of Jodie’s recipes and I’m excited to try them! 

A Sprinkle Of Sabotage is available from Amazon.

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