Simone Buchholz: River Clyde

Today I’m pleased to be taking part in the blog tour for River Clyde. I’m sharing an extract from the book with thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me on the tour and to Orenda Books for my copy of the extract.


Mired in grief after tragic recent events, state prosecutor Chastity Riley escapes to Scotland, lured to the birthplace of her great-great-grandfather by a mysterious letter suggesting she has inherited a house. 

In Glasgow, she meets Tom, the ex-lover of Chastity’s great aunt, who holds the keys to her own family secrets – painful stories of unexpected cruelty and loss that she’s never dared to confront. 

In Hamburg, Stepanovic and Calabretta investigate a major arson attack, while a group of property investors kicks off an explosion of violence that threatens everyone. 

As events in these two countries collide, Chastity prepares to face the inevitable, battling the ghosts of her past and the lost souls that could be her future and, perhaps, finally finding redemption for them all.

Breathtakingly emotive, River Clyde is an electrifying, poignant and powerful story of damage and hope, and one woman’s fight for survival.



Meanwhile, the river lies there like over a hundred miles of dead man. Dark, asphalt-coloured, he doesn’t move, ignores the life around him or eats it up with his depth, according to the weather, now the drizzle is lying on his surface, not disturbing him in his rest. The river was once the heart of the city, but no friend to the people: here on the river, they were exploited. He was an oppressor, but he couldn’t help it, that’s just the way the world is, he’s one of the greats, and the greats regulate the little people down, what else was he meant to do? He couldn’t just up and flow off. 

Now they’ve forgotten him, the way you do just forget an ex-boss, so he lies there waiting for something to change. For something to come. A mighty reckoning perhaps. Something that breaks things open. 

But what.
But who.
He feels every shifting relationship, every change, however subtle. He feels it because after all nothing else happens on his banks. 

Like: Oh, there’s something. 

And very deep down, on the ground of his being, he stirs. 

in a sheltered, secluded back courtyard, not far from Innocentia Park, filling up an old water truck that’s been kind of ‘borrowed’ from Hamburg SV football club: 

It’s harder work than they expected, although they should really have been expecting that because: five hundred litres are five hundred litres. And you have to be extra careful with a fire accelerant like that, especially among smokers. ‘Hey! You keep spilling the stuff on my shirt, man!’ 

‘Then take your shirt off.’


River Clyde is available from Amazon.

You can follow the rest of the blog tour here:

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