Rachel Amphlett: Case Files: Short Crime Fiction Stories

As promised, I’m returning to review the first episode of the Case Files: Short Crime Fiction Stories podcast by Rachel Amphlett. My review of Special Delivery is written with thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me to join this promo tour!


I really enjoyed the first episode of Case Files: Short Crime Fiction Stories. This first episode is only around 20 minutes long, so it’s a perfect introduction if you’re new to the crime genre, or if you’re already a fully signed up member of the dark side like me, it’s great to give you a crime fix when perhaps it’s not convenient to read. 

Amphlett builds the atmosphere really well and I was immediately hooked on this story! I wanted to know what would happen and what secrets the protagonist was hiding! 

As is characteristic of the short story genre, I was left with so many questions! I will be thinking about this story for a while yet! 

I felt the narrator of this story hit just the right tone and helped to build the atmosphere to keep us intrigued but was never over dramatic. 

I can’t wait to listen to next week’s episode! 


I listened to Case Files: Short Crime Fiction Stories on Spotify but it’s available from all good podcast apps.

The podcast has a website which you can find here.

You can follow the rest of the promo tour here:

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