JM Hall: A Spoonful Of Murder


Introducing the three unlikeliest sleuths you’ll ever meet…

Every Thursday, three retired school teachers have their ‘coffee o’clock’ sessions at the Thirsk Garden Centre café.

But one fateful week, as they are catching up with a slice of cake, they bump into their ex-colleague, Topsy.

By the next Thursday, Topsy’s dead.

The last thing Liz, Thelma and Pat imagined was that they would become involved in a murder.

But they know there’s more to Topsy’s death than meets the eye – and it’s down to them to prove it…

Sit down with a cup of tea and this perfectly witty, page-turning cosy crime novel. Fans of Agatha Christie, Death in Paradise and Midsomer Murders will be hooked from the very first page.


I’ve had A Spoonful Of Murder on my radar for a while after hearing the author speak at Bradford Literature Festival last year. It was every bit as wonderful as I expected and more. JM Hall may be a new face of crime writing but I loved his storytelling and the novel kept me engaged the whole way through. 

The major strength of A Spoonful Of Murder is the characters. As a former teacher, JM Hall has good knowledge of the profession which enables him to add humour to the conversations between Liz, Thelma and Pat, especially when they are discussing their former workplace. The author captures the voices of the women so well and I think most readers will recognise elements of their personalities in older women that they know. However, Liz, Thelma and Pat are not the only characters who are well developed and I loved getting to know the supporting characters too. 

Liz, Thelma and Pat make brilliant amateur detectives and I loved their observations. I really wanted them to get to the bottom of what had happened, especially as the victim was particularly vulnerable. I enjoyed trying to piece everything together and I was surprised when the answers became clear. 

There is a second book in the series and I am so excited to read it! 

A Spoonful Of Murder is available from Amazon.

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