PN Johnson: Run To The Blue

Today it’s my turn on the readalong for Run To The Blue. My review is written with thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me on the readalong and to Burning Chair publishers for my copy of the book.


It was supposed to be the best day of her career, the day when she was the hero, the reporter whose story put a deadly gangster behind bars.

But as crime boss Ken Lean is sentenced, ace reporter Tess Anderson instead finds herself in the headlines: her husband is exposed as having an affair with a top government minister, and Tess herself faces death threats from the Lean crime family.

With her life collapsing around her, Tess runs to her friend’s villa on the Greek island of Paxos, but soon finds she’s been tracked down by killers and spies. Her only hope of escape is a mysterious, glamorous, and somehow familiar American yachtsman.

Can Tess stay alive long enough to see her pursuers behind bars?

Who can she trust as her enemies close in?

And what is the secret that her husband and his lover are so keen to ensure remains buried?

The latest novel from P N Johnson, the author of Killer in the Crowd, Run to the Blue is a fast-moving action thriller set in the world of television news in London, and in the beautiful Greek islands.


Run To The Blue has a bit of everything! There is scandal, tension, secrets, lies, betrayal and romance and it all comes together in an incredibly fast paced story. The novel starts with a bang and from there it is totally relentless. It was really difficult to put down to eat or sleep. 

The protagonist is Tess Anderson and she’s thrown in the deep end from the very beginning. I admired her tenacity, intelligence and feistiness and this made me root for her the whole way through. Throughout the novel, Tess meets a lot of people and it’s clear that not all of them have her best interests at heart. The author does a good job of making us suspicious of everyone and I wasn’t always sure who to trust. Tess’ relationship with Jason is lovely – there is humour and affection between them that provides light relief from a plot that is otherwise fraught with danger. 

There are several scenes in the novel that are set in Greece and I love the way that the author takes us here. On a rainy April day, it was lovely to imagine the places to which Tess travelled, even if she wasn’t always having the most relaxing time! 

As we reach the ending of Run To The Blue, the tension and sense of danger is really heightened and I was on the edge of my seat wondering how the different characters would fare!

Run To The Blue is available from Amazon.

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