SE Lynes: The Summer Holiday

This review is written with thanks to bBookouture for my copy of The Summer Holiday via Netgalley.


One loving couple. One surprise guest. One week to destroy everything…

When the doorbell rings, I take one last look round the villa. The nuts and olives are in bowls; the white wine is chilling in the fridge; everything is ready for my old college friend, the guest I’m dying to impress.

When I open the door, Coco steps from the dusty street into the cool tiled hall, as effortlessly beautiful as ever. But then her face freezes in horror, her mouth falling open. I turn to see my husband Jeff behind me, his eyes wide, his cheeks pale.

After a moment, they both smile, pretending nothing happened at all. But I know what I saw.

This holiday was meant to rescue my marriage, not ruin it.

But the connection between my friend and my husband isn’t what I thought.

All three of us have something to lose, and something to fight for.

And when the truth comes out, not all of us will survive…


The Summer Holiday has many elements that I love in a psychological thriller. From the beginning, the author drops lots of hints about what has happened in the past and its clear that almost all the characters are hiding some kind of secret from each other. Most of the characters are unlikeable and some of them are gullible and overall, this creates an interesting mix that made me want to continue reading. However, there are some scenes, particularly the scenes that take place whilst the characters are students, where I had to suspend my disbelief slightly as I found it difficult to understand how Kate would remember Coco so clearly. 

Most of The Summer Holiday is set in Spain, with the flashback scenes set in Leeds. The author describes the setting really well and I was able to picture exactly what was happening as I read. As I live in Leeds, I am very familiar with the student areas of the city and I enjoyed seeing the city brought to life in the pages of this novel. 
Although The Summer Holiday begins quite slowly, it comes to life as the tension begins to bubble over. I enjoyed reading as everything was revealed to the reader. There were also some surprises along the way, which gives the novel an interesting ending.

The Summer Holiday is available from Amazon.

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