DK Hood: Her Shallow Grave

Today I’m pleased to be starting off the blog tour for Her Shallow Grave. My review is written with thanks to the team at Bookouture for inviting me on the tour and for my copy of the book via Netgalley.


She runs her trembling fingers over the dark, damp walls surrounding her. Above her head, she hears heavy footsteps. She knows she has nowhere to hide and as the door to the cellar is flung open, she finally sees his face.

It’s winter in Black Rock Falls and, as tourists flock to the small town to take in the snowy mountain peaks, one visitor makes a sickening discovery. The frozen body of a young woman hangs from a tree on the outskirts of town. Detective Jenna Alton is called in to investigate.

Jenna’s stomach turns as she surveys the ice-cold remains, and she’s soon alerted to similar burial sites nearby. With no missing persons reported, Jenna and her deputy, David Kane, fear Black Rock Falls is being used as a dumping ground for bodies.

As the body count mounts up, Jenna is more determined than ever to find the person responsible. But as she tries to catch the killer out, he outsmarts her once again and Jenna begins to wonder if he knows her next move. Could he be closer to her than she thinks?

When the investigation takes Jenna to a homeless shelter right in the heart of the community, she fears for the life of a woman who hasn’t been seen for a few days. It’s clear the killer is beginning to escalate, so Jenna ramps up the investigation and puts herself in unthinkable danger. Can she catch the murderer off guard, or does he already know she’s on her way? Has Jenna finally met a killer she can’t catch?

If you like Lisa Regan, Melinda Leigh and Kendra Elliot, you will love this thrilling new book from USA Today bestselling crime author D.K. Hood.


Now we are (unbelievably!) at Book 9 in this series, I feel like I know Jenna Alton and David Kane really well and they, and their team feel like family to me. I love the way they each have each others’ backs and also celebrate with each other when there is a happy occasion! They work so well together and I never have any doubt that they will find who they are looking for even when, as in Her Shallow Grave, they have trouble finding some strong leads.

Throughout Her Shallow Grave, the reader is given a great deal of insight into the killer’s mind, both through Kane’s assessment and the chapters that are written from his point of view. He is clearly a very twisted person and his modus operandi demonstrates this, but this made me root for the team even more.

There are also some chapters where we are shown what is happening to the victims and I loved learning more about them too. It gave me a slightly different perspective to that which I am used to from other novels in the genre.

Her Shallow Grave is set in winter, and the cold, snowy weather really helps to create a tense atmosphere which just keeps on building as it goes along! As we reach the end, the tension is almost unbearable and I was crossing my fingers that everything would be resolved.

I really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to see what Hood puts these characters through next!

Her Shallow Grave is available from Amazon.

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